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About The Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier is a breed of terrier most recognizable by its egg-shaped head and triangle eye. The body of a Bull Terrier should be full feeling with strength and balance. There should always be a balanced combination of dense but smooth parts, connected by graceful curves. The Bull Terrier made correctly and balanced will move well. Overall the properly constructed Bull Terrier will combine the essential virtues found in the Bull Terrier Standard while always giving the impression of strength and agility. 


Bull Terriers can display different breed type. Type is a combination of a particular body type and a uniquely shaped head with a "varminty" expression. Type comes from the foundation dogs of the breed. The Bull Terrier was created by breeding the Bulldog, the Old English White Terrier 

(now extinct) and possibly Dalmation. The combinations of type are shown in the picture on this page. More information about type can be found in a pdf. below.


Bull Terriers are shown as two separate varieties in the US. Colored and White. The Colored Bull Terrier may have some white markings but should be predominantly colored. The White Bull can be either all white or may have small markings of color on the head or high on the neck. 


The Bull Terriers temperament is sweet-tempered, clownish and full of fire. This determined terrier needs interactive play early on and owners need to set rules and boundaries for acceptable play. Bull Terriers can become bored and it's important to keep their minds stimulated with training and durable safe toys. Early socialization with other animals and people is important to ensure a balanced and manageable Bull Terrier.


More information about the can be found on the American Kennel Club website or on the Bull Terrier Club of America's website the BTCA. It's highly recommended you take all opportunities to meet the breed before buying one. Work with responsible breeders who can introduce you to their dogs. Look at the Links page to search for shows in your area. Follow the infodog link and search by state for shows.


If you are a first time Bull Terrier owner do your research! Read books, get on the internet and look up information about the breed. Go to the BTCA website and learn about the breed, don't ignore the problems we have in the breed, this breed is certainly not meant for everyone.


If you've owned Bull Terriers before, but have not had one in a while, things change, even within the breed. Do your research and look for a responsible breeder you feel comfortable working with. If you've owned Bully breeds before, the Bull Terrier is not like all other Bully breeds, there are certain traits which will be different. While some of the characteristics will be similar, it's just as important you do breed research and find the right breeder to answer your questions.


Whether you just want a pet or possibly want to jump into the show ring or competition world it is equally important you find a Bull Terrier which meets the breed standards set out by the AKC and the Parent club of the Bull Terrier. By finding a breeder who breeds with the breed standard in mind will be able to provide you a very sound companion which will display typical temperament and superior health. We are guardians of our breed and do not take breeding lightly, we strive to find the most sound animals to breed to provide you with a loving companion for the next 16plus years of your life!


Here are some additional documents about the Bull Terrier.



The Bull Terrier Standard


The Illustrated Standard of The Bull Terrier


Bull Terrier Type 




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