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Noodle 3 years old

 DOB: 9/9/13


* Ranked #2 through 2016

* Ranked #3 Colored Bull Terrier throughout 2015


* Ranked #4 Colored Bull Terrier Owner Handled


* Winner of muliple challenge cups


* Multiple BOV wins at specialties


* Multiple BOS wins at specialties

* Bronze Grand Champion

* Silverwood Finalist in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

*Silverwood 2017 Movement WInner and Reserve colored Bitch

Select bitch at 2013 Nation Specialty. 


* Recognition of Merit (ROM)earned by 2 years old.


* Multiple Group 1 placements.


* Multiple Terrier group Placements.


* Fully health tested. Heart, kidney, liver, patella, BAER with OFA cert's. 


BGCh Bestuvall On Easy Street ROM

Show Time Photos

Golden Gate KC Group1
GCh Bestuvall on Easy Street ROM
SIlverwood 2015
Palm Springs 2015 BOV
Palm Springs 2014 BOV
CamelliaCapShowJune2013 Group 4
Stockton 2014 Group4
Sacramento 2015
Long Beach Golden State BTC 2015
Long Beach 2015
Long Beach 2015 BOV
Long Beach 2015 BOV
Sacramento 2015 BOV
Napa 2014 BOV Noodle and brother ZJ
2014GCh Bestuvall on Easy Street ROM
2014GCh Bestuvall on Easy Street ROM
Silverwood 2014
Silverwood 2014
Silverwood 2014
Silverwood 2014
Palm Springs Group 2015
Palm Springs BOV 2013
Palm Springs 2015
Palm Springs 2015 Group
Palm Springs 2015

Judges Critiques

Judge: Desi Murphy

Sacramento KC 


This classic bitch is a nice combination of bull and terrier. She has a wonderful head and expression. Great bone and substance for her size. She moves well in all directions.

Judge: Kerry King

Northern CA Terrier Assoc 


An upstanding pretty, brindle and white bitch with a splash on her back. Very pretty, typey bitch. Caught my eye immediately she entered the ring. Her head s well turned and filled, with an alert expression from triangle eyes and well-placed erect ears. Balanced, beautiful chest, plenty of prosternum and well turned rear. Straight front with adequate bone and catlike feet, strong topline moved effortlessly coming and going. Showed to perfection a very, very pretty bitch.

Judge: Dr. Robert Myall

Great Western Terrier Assoc 


A shapely brindle of wonderful scope and quality. A very good feminine Bull Terrier, head well set on to a long tapering neck. Mouth slightly under. Spot on when viewed from the front and with good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. On the move the forelegs reach out well and the hind legs flexed well at the stifle and hock. A very good example of the Dalmation type.

Judge: Mary Remer

Sacramento KC 


Statuesque, feminine brindle and white youngster. Classic headpiece with ears well set. Good eye and correct mouth. No breaks in her profile and she has good fill. Her reachy neck flows into her correctly made front assembly. Elbows tucked in. Her body parts are cleanly made. 

Judge: Naomi Waynee

Orange Coast BTC 


Brindle and white bitch with a gorgeous profile. Good earset. She is cleanly made and her lines flow from fore and aft. Nice angulation front and beautiful rear angulation. Level topline with a good tailset. Well let down hocks and nice cat feet. I would like to see her have a bit more width of foreface and just a bit shorter in back. I have admired this bitch and welcomed the opportunity to finally judge her. 

Judge: Bob Shreve

Desert Empire Terrier Club 


A very nice brindle bitch overall. She has a good bite, a Roman finish and lovely earset and carriage. She exhibits a wonderful relaxed said gait that creates an aura of self-confidence. Topline help smoothly going around. 

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