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Our Working Dogs

We breed high quality working dogs which excel in the field working cattle. Our lines are healthy, proven, temperament tested, with high stamina and have devoted loyalty to their family. We grade each puppy’s working drive and strengths starting at 5 weeks until they go to their new homes, ensuring the puppy fits the job or the family. We use both purebred and cross bred breeds to meet the needs of the livestock management. Our cross breeds are developed from working lines to create a more rounded dog which will perform in more ways than one. We only breed healthy individuals from proven stock dogs. Our Border Collie cross puppies have both excelled in the livestock world as well as loving companion pets. We breed responsibly and with integrity. Please email me if you as interested in our working lines.

Dexter, Charley and Chicken
Dex bite
puppy from dexer
january 043
Litter 2013
Litter 2015
Litter 2015
Border/ Heeler
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